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"I know I should learn React and Redux, but it seems so overwhelming..."
Tired of googling for tutorials and documentation?
With this ebook, you will write your first React app in under 30 minutes!

What Readers say...

For an experienced coder like me, this book is great: Unlike other "Intro to X" books, it gets directly to the point and skips all the boring stuff.

-- Tobias Goeschel

You want to build awesome web applications. And you want to do it with React and Redux. That is why you are here.

But you do not want to spend the next few days googling for tutorials and reading documentation that is much too detailed. You want to get started quickly.

I created this book for you, especially with "getting started quickly" in mind. In every chapter, I will only give you the information you need right now - and only the information you need. You can always learn the details later!

By buying this book, you will get:

Get "Quick Glance At: React and Redux"!
Buy the book now for only € 5...

In this book, you will learn:

Most of the chapters have a short lab at the end, where you can practice what you have learned. You will clone the skeleton project for the lab from GitHub, so you can start right away. And if you get stuck, there is also a sample solution on GitHub.

Buy this book for only €5 now and start learning React and Redux right away!

Get "Quick Glance At: React and Redux"!
Buy the book now for only € 5...

Is anything keeping you from buying this book right now? Do you have any concerns or questions? Please tell me: Drop me an email at Business@DavidTanzer.net

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About the Author

My name is David Tanzer and I have been working as an independent consultant in the software industry since 2006. I help my clients to write better software (higher quality, better architecture, better design) and to get better at writing software (better processes, better communications, less friction and waste).

I do so by providing training, consulting and coaching - And also on-site development. With this free guide, I wanted to make one of my in-house, in-person trainings - "Getting Started with React/Redux" - more accessible to everybody.

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