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What attendees say... I didn't expect that the online training can be run so smoothly. Even my lack of experience in ES2016 didn't obstruct my learning flow. The flow of the training allows people on the novice level understand the basics. -- Robert Firek
This course starts at only € 29,00 and comes with a full money-back guarantee: If you did the course and did not learn anything, I will re-fund you in full. You can later even upgrade to one of the more advance packages, if you need them.
With Feedback
Online Consulting
Instructional Videos
Videos: Code-casts
of Exercises
Training Materials: Presentations
Training Materials: Cheat Sheets
Feedback: Exercises
Send me your solved exercises per
email and I'll give feedback and advice
Ask questions per email
Talk to me for up to two hours
online via GotoMeeting or Hangouts
On-Site training
at a location of your choosing
I will sign a NDA
€ 29,00€ 249,00*, **Ask***
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If you want to use this training course to train multiple developers at your company, please buy one license per team who will do the training. Do you have any further questions about this course? Email me at Business@DavidTanzer.net...
*max. 4 questions in max. 2 emails. Send all your solved labs in a single email. Valid for four weeks after purchase - All emails have to arrive within 4 weeks after purchase.
**you have to book the video chat within four weeks after purchase. The actual video chat can be at a later point we agree on.
***money-back guarantee does not apply to travel expenses for Enterprise packages. If you are not satisfied, you do not have to pay my rate, but you'll have to pay my full travel expenses.
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