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Since I have started working as a trainer in software development, I always wanted to create a training course that is more accessible to a larger group of people. With this course, I did it: I tought it to a group of people from all over Europe, completely online. And I recorded this online training.

David Teaching the React/Redux Online Workshop

I think the videos and presentations will work very well for you when you first do the course. But they are less useful when you want to come back later. So I am also working on an ebook for the course, for later reference. All customers of the course will get it as a free update, when it is finished.

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About the Trainer

My name is David Tanzer and I have been working as an independent consultant in the software industry since 2006. I help my clients to write better software (higher quality, better architecture, better design) and to get better at writing software (better processes, better communications, less friction and waste).

I do so by providing training, consulting and coaching - And also on-site development. With this free guide, I wanted to make one of my in-house, in-person trainings - "Getting Started with React/Redux" - more accessible to everybody.

So, check out this React / Redux course:

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