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"I know I should learn React and Redux, but it seems so overwhelming..."
Tired of googling for tutorials and documentation?
With this guide, you will write your first React app in under 30 minutes!

What attendees say...

I didn't expect that the online training can be run so smoothly. Even my lack of experience in ES2016 didn't obstruct my learning flow. The flow of the training allows people on the novice level understand the basics.

-- Robert Firek

You want to build awesome web applications. And you want to do it with React and Redux. That is why you are here.

But you do not want to spend the next few days googling for tutorials and reading documentation that is much too detailed. You want to get started quickly.

I created this guide for you, especially with "getting started quickly" in mind. In every chapter, I will only give you the information you need right now - You can always learn the details later.

For every chapter there is a lab you can do, later labs build upon the previous lab. If you do all the labs, you will have a small - but working! - React / Redux application in under 30 minutes!

And don't worry when you have troubles with one of the labs - Every lab comes with a project skeleton. You can download it from github, and get started immediately - Without worrying about setting up a project or writing boiler plate code.

In this getting started guide, you will learn:

When you register for this free guide, you will get:

What attendees say...

This course is very well designed. I learned everything I needed to program the labs in the theoretical lessons before the labs. The cheat sheets were also very helpful to do the labs. I would definitely attend a course like this again!

-- Frank Goraus

This guide is for you if...

  • You want to get started with React and Redux, quickly, for free.
  • You prefer and ebook and instructional videos over searching for tutorials on the internet
  • You want to try a free course before you decide whether to upgrade to the paid, comprehensive course.
  • You want to get started quickly - You want to write your first React app in under 30 minutes.

What are you waiting for? Start Now:

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This guide is NOT for you if...

  • You want a longer course that teaches you how to build a complete application, and are willing to pay for it.
  • You want my presentations, speaker notes and screen casts that help you with the labs in addition to the ebook and the instructional videos.
  • You do not only want to learn about React and Redux, but also about other topics that are important for building an awesome web app.
  • You want to get started quickly, but also have time to watch more videos, do more labs and read more training materials.

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About the Author

My name is David Tanzer and I have been working as an independent consultant in the software industry since 2006. I help my clients to write better software (higher quality, better architecture, better design) and to get better at writing software (better processes, better communications, less friction and waste).

I do so by providing training, consulting and coaching - And also on-site development. With this free guide, I wanted to make one of my in-house, in-person trainings - "Getting Started with React/Redux" - more accessible to everybody.

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